About Us

Vic's Landscape Contractors has been owned and operated by Vic Capone for over 35 years. Vic's Landscape Contractors prides itself in delivering the utmost service to your property's needs at the most reasonable costs. We are located in the New Milford area and service all of Bergen County as well as parts of Passaic, Hudson, and Essex Counties in New Jersey as well as Rockland County NY. Vic's Landscape Contractors is a full service company offering all phases of landscape work. We employ 2 lawn maintenance crews, a dedicated construction crew and a full time masonry crew to offer our customers piece of mind that with one phone call we can assist with any needs for their property. All of our extensive services can been seen on our services page.
Vic Capone
Owner of Vic's Landscape Contractors. Vic has over 35 years experience in landscape maintenance and construction design. Vic will oversee all day to day operations of the company as well as job scheduling.
Terry McMackin Jr.
Water features/ Lighting Coordinator. Terry designs all landscape lighting systems as well as the water features. Terry also assists in the day to day operations of the company.
Vic's Landscape employs 2 lawn maintenance crews to handle the weekly lawn maintenance program customers. These crews all have a crew foreman to ensure the completion of all lawns to the highest standard possible and to troubleshoot any potential problems.
Vic's Landscape Contractors employs a full time masonry crew to attend to the hardscape/masonry needs for your property. This crew handles everything from pavers to chimney repairs and stone veneers for your home.
planting, pavers, lighting, ponds, waterfalls streams
This is a dedicated crew solely for the installation of all non masonry tasks. This crew will do installs of plantings, sod, seed, water features or lighting jobs etc.
Lawn Maintenance
Landscape Contstruction
Masonry Division